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The Makers of Cool are currently seeking interns for our Indianapolis headquarters. This is a temporary position with flexible scheduling involving various duties that will either supplement the student’s major field of study &/or provide experience that is a useful addition to the student’s education and meaningful preperation for future professional employment.

Job Duties

Under close supervision, this student will serve as an assistant to members of various ULOFT departments accommodating to and gaining real world experience that will truly make a difference in the collegiate marketplace. Compiles information to assist in preparation of reports; operates copy machine, fax machine, telephone; assists in the filing of documents. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications

Must currently be enrolledin a college or university and in good academic standing.

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Interested candidates should fill out the form on this page or call Craig Carter at 317-866-5770


Application deadline is April 30

At the University Loft Company, we have several internships available in all areas of the company from manufacturing to installing and office work. The warehouse area does not have air conditioning and can get hotter during the summer months. The questions below are meant to help us get a good idea of who you are as a person and what areas might be the best fit for you. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability.

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